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Create infinite newspaper pages

Create infinite separate pages such as: About Us – Contact Us – Board – Activity License and

Ability to create framing for paragraphs and images of the newspaper page when the user views

Ability to create an archive section for previous issues

Brief and advanced search section

Possibility of unlimited membership of administrators, editors, etc. for the site management section with the possibility of restrictions for lower level managers

Ability to insert PDF files of newspapers and magazines for users to download

Ability to sell files PDF and letters and publications at any cost

Ability to view purchase records for users

Ability to view purchase reports for the management department

Ability to specify the number of downloads from each purchase link

Possibility to connect to Bank Mellat payment gateway or interface ports such as: Zari Pal, etc.

Ability to join users

Ability to create restrictions for users when viewing content

Google Feedbarner newsletter section and automatically send content to members’s emails

Ability to share content on social networks such as: Telegram – Twitter – Facebook, etc.

Ability to create news sections with infinite content

Ability to create a blog section with infinite content

Ability to create an editor speech

Ability to create text and video ads

Ability to select custom URL for content and pages

Default template with the possibility of changing the desired color scheme_ slider + custom header

Ability to add a dedicated logo of the newspaper and magazine

Special facilities

  • SMS newsletter
  • Website support for one year free


  • 1 GIG Host for one year
  • Domain for one year

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